Professionally speaking, golf tournaments may involve stroke-play. But when amateurs play golf, they prefer a head-to-head match-play with a decisive match winner.

Victory goes to the one with the greater number of holes. Winning a stroke-play and winning a match-play are two entirely different skills. Below are some tips with the help of which you can get better at winning a golf match.

Tip #1:

Your Opponent Is The Course

Realize that the true hurdle in the path of your winning is the golf-course and not your opponent. So focus on playing better according to the course. You have to mentally know and understand the course to score the greatest number of holes. This also helps you in getting less discouraged by the good scoring of your opponent. So during a match, you mind your own business and focus on your game more intensely than your opponent’s.

Tip #2:

Play It Your Way

This is very important. Realize that you only ought to play at your regular pace. You wouldn’t always have an opponent who plays at the same pace as you, so don’t lose your rhythm. Plus, if you’re an average player, do not expect that you will perform like a legend. It’s just that if you are not a five-handicap player or better than that, you shouldn’t expect you performance to be like a star’s.

Tip #3:

Reveal Nothing

You will thank me for this later. No matter how many holes you have scored at any point of the game, put on a poker face. You ought not to show you’re discouraged if you have missed a few holes. Neither should you get elated at the fact that you’re winning. If you’re too careless while victory is right in your reach, you might end up turning the whole game into a disaster. So always stay steady and stable.

Tip #4:

Maintain The Pace Since Beginning

I could give you a million reasons for not staying lazy in the beginning of golf. People think that there are a lot of holes left and there’s time. This reasoning does not justify a poor game that you might be playing in the beginning. And in a match play, each hole counts. So adhere to maintaining your pace since the beginning and aim at scoring holes right away because it builds a momentum for the game.

Tip #5:

Never Give Up

Keep in mind that even the best players have had to face failure and the history is full of such anecdotes. If you just refuse to give up, no matter how confident and amazing your opponent is at their golf-skills they won’t remain unnerved at seeing that you’re not cracking. Just play until the end, give it your best and do not mentally give up ever.

Tip #6:

Maintain The Pace Since Beginning

Just like getting discouraged can have a bad effect on the gameplay because you quit striving, getting too excited over the fact that your game is going good may as well lead you to a terribly disappointing end of the game.

Enjoy the game, and stay confident. Ultimately you want to have fun, unless you’re a professional, so don’t get too worried about getting everything perfect. Sport some nice gear, and flaunt your skills. You’ll be amazed to learn what you’re capable of.

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